Yashica Samurai X3.0


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The unusual Samurai series was begun by Kyocera in 1987 with the X3.0. The Samurai completely discarded prior ideas about still-camera design, and instead creating a body more resembling the compact video cameras which were becoming popular at the time. The Samurai is a true SLR, exposing half-fame (17×24 mm) images, a format which had always been more accepted within the Japanese market (for example in the Olympus Pen series). The Samurai X3.0 can be found with both Yashica and Kyocera branding, and with accents in either red or teal blue colors. It may be seen as one of the originators of the "bridge camera" concept, alongside full-frame models such as Olympus AZ 330 Superzoom. If you insert a film with 36 exposures you are able to shoot 72 pictures, because the camera only uses half frames!

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