Do you have any questions? Feel free to text us and we are reaching out to you as soon as possible!
Do you offer a warranty? +
Yes. Free refunds for 14 days if there are any issues and a livetime support via mail, chat or instagram. 💬
Where are you located? +
We are located in Cologne, Germany but we ship worldwide. However, we recommend Germany and Europe in particular, as shipping is much faster there. 🌪️
Are the cameras tested? +
Yes. Every camera is fully tested and cleaned before shipping. 🧽
What does "gold" mean? +
Make sure to check out our condition rating. Gold means the camera is in a "used" condition. Near mint means it has nearly no cosmetical issues and mint is like new! You can also send us a DM on Instagram and we will send you more photos if you would like to learn more about the camera. 💡
Where do you get your cameras from? +
Unfortunately there is no wholesale for analogue cameras. Most of our cameras are from collectors because if we buy a lot of cameras we have the opportunity to get a better price. You can also sell your camera directly to us using the “Sell your Camera” function. 💸
What's better about grainoverpixel than ebay? +
You can exchange the camera with us within 14 days. Each camera arrives cleaned and ready to shoot. You always have a contact person in case of problems. You support a small company with people who are passionate about analogue cameras. Also, grainoverpixel sounds a lot cooler, doesn't it? 😁