What is the GOP affiliate program? +
With our affiliate program you are able to give your friends or followers a 10% discount on our products with your personal discount code! In addition to that you are earning a 10% commission per sale. 💸
Is there a contract or any obligations for me? +
No. You don't have any sales targets and the affiliate program is completely FREE. You can use it for friends and family or your followers.
Do I need a minimum amount of followers? +
No. Anyone who loves analog cameras is able to join.
How do I get paid? +
You are getting paid after you reach 50€ of commissions automatically. It's also possible to get paid earlier if you reach out to us! You receive the payout via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

10% Commission!

You love analog cameras and want to earn money via affiliate marketing? Join our Affiliate Program and earn a 10% commission for every sale! In Addition to that your friends and follower are getting a 10% discount via your personal code!