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Condition Rating

Our collection consists of quality cameras. All of our cameras go through an excessive investigation of functioning. This includes testing of the shutter, flash, winder and all other functionalities. We check if there are any signs of fungus or haze on the lens. After investigating we rate our cameras. They fit into 3 categories depending on the state of the exterior.


Mint condition means that there are no signs of wear and the camera is "like new". Please take in mind that most of our cameras are older than 30 years and accessories like manuals or boxes can show signs of wear after that time period.


Near mint condition means that the camera can have some minor scratches or a worn off labeling. In general the camera will be in a good condition with minor cosmetical issues.


Gold condition means that there are various signs of wear possible like scratches, dents or paint defects but the functionality of the camera is all tested and will operate a 100%.


Some condition ratings include extras like "gold+manual". There are 3 different extras (sometimes combined) available. Boxed, Case and Manual. Boxed means the original packaging of the camera. (mostly with matching numbers) Case means a leather poach or another case that comes with the camera. The manual included is mostly in german language due to the location of our shop.