Ricoh TLS 401 (black) SET


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The Ricoh TLS 401 was introduced in 1970 as an innovative successor to the three year older Ricoh Singlex TLS, having a combined eye-level and waist-level finder. This redirection of the light path is accomplished by an articulating mirror within a plastic Pentamirror rather than a traditional glass prism. Selection of either is by twisting a knob on the right-hand side of the finder housing. The vertical finder window has a removable black plastic cover, which, if turned the other way round as the practical minded will discover, may sit on permanently and just slide towards the accessory shoe when not needed.

The camera is tested, there is NO shutter squeak, it comes with new light seals and in a set including: Ricoh TLS 401, Revuenon M42 35mm f2.8 lens

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