Pentax Espio 120 SW


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Pentax Espio 120SW is a 35mm compact camera with autofocus and zoom lens, is is part of the Pentax Espio IQZoom series issued by Pentax in 2001. It is also known as the IQZoom 120SW. It uses a SMC Pentax 28-120mm f/5.6-11.5 zoom lens made for 6 element in 5 groups. It uses a five point auto focus system with a focus range of 0.5m to infinity. An illumination light is available that can aid in focusing in low light situations. The shutter speed range is from 2 sec. to 1/360. The bulb mode is from 1/2 a sec. to 2min. The self-timer has a delay of 10 seconds.

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