Nikon FM10 (Titanium) SET


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The Nikon FM10 is a single lens reflex camera. It dates back to the 90s and is aimed at amateurs. The housing of the camera is made of plastic. The model was built for Nikon by the Japanese company Cosina. The design is based on the CT-1 Super. The lenses of the 35mm camera are interchangeable. Lenses with a Nikon F bayonet can be used. The bayonet was first introduced in the 1950s. Since then, the lens bayonet has been redesigned again and again. Lenses are not only manufactured by Nikon itself. Not all modern lenses can be used with the old film cameras. The lens is focused manually. The photo camera does not have an autofocus. The Nikon FM10 has a built-in light meter. It was designed for films with a sensitivity from ISO 25 to ISO 3200. With the 35mm SLR, the exposure is measured through the lens (TTL). Exposure settings can be set automatically by the camera. Aperture and exposure time can be freely set by the photographer.

The camera is tested and it comes with new light seals and in a huge set including: Nikon FM10 titanium body, Nikon Serie E 50mm f1.8 lens

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