Kodak Ektachrome Dyna EX 100 - 24 Exp.


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Kodak Ektachrome Dyna EX 100 color slide film (35mm roll film, 24 exposures) is a medium-speed daylight-balanced color slide film offering a versatile combination of vivid color saturation, fine grain, and high image sharpness. Expired Film is a mystery to shoot but satisfying as the results are varied and may result in colourshift. All stored in a cool dry place with low humidity. Make sure to overexpose 1 stop for every decade the film is expired. In this case 2 stops! You can find some example pictures here.

Filmtype: Color Slide Film
Process: E-6
Film Format: 35mm
Speed: ISO 100/21°
Length: 24 Exposures

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